We'd give up a native Tenno (emperor) if our royal family won't have a boy.
We believe It's a good idea to pick our Tenno out from good Chinese children.
We'd learn Tibetan wisdom, the Dalai Lama selection system. It is not the system of heredity but a democratic system.
We have been picking Gengo (Tennos' era names) out from Chinese classical literature. eg; Meiji, Taishou, Showa and Heisei.
We should continue doing Tenno-sei like this.-It's to our shame if we cling to our old system like peers of the realm.
We should prove our Post WW2 democratic achievement to people in the world, especially Communist China.
We if had adopted this system 1000 years ago, however, Chinese success candidates would have been reluctant to come to Japan.
We were inferior to China in those days. Chinese boys would prefer an ordinary life in their home to a loyal life in the rural country.
We were painted by acrylic colour and Chinese peoples' hair, which had collected from the hairdressers' floors of Chinatown at London.
We should say now's the time! ...(written before our Prince Hisahito of Japanwas born)

We ///...acrylic and hair on canvas....1040x1535