Japanese people say that if you make an ape to draw self portraits
it will keep drawing until it dies.
I don't know why we use an ape for this example.
However, I drew some of my self-portraits in the beginning.
I was an ape or I tried to draw death with the variation of a self-portrait here.
enjoy ourselves vainly, or escaped by imagining death at OMAEHA SUDENI SHINDEIRU....
Japanese were sentenced to death many times
by the MANGA hero Kenshiro in the 80th.
Yes, we have been enjoying it.
Recently dead people know death is repeatable. repeatable2 repeatable3 repeatable4...
They are my existence as the flesh bound by CHI.
(CHI is a Japanese word representing both blood@and the earth)@
orn Some photographs are the parody of the photograph itself.
Apes believed that one who was photographed must die, because photo robbed its soul.
I aped it, or I tried depicting death by loosening this capability of photograph
4 sounds death in Japanese.
I fainally saw classical type 4COMA- MANGA-MANGA2-MANGA3-MANGA4....,here